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Art Deco

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Art Deco was a very popular international design movement from 1925 – to the 1940s and was the immediate successor of Art Nouveau. Since Art Nouveau’s big theme was using the natural world in its designs—nature elements, the curvy lines of flowers, and women—Deco was obsessed with everything Machine Age. The Machine Age refers to the era where technology was advancing at such a rapid pace. That is why it is flashier, louder, and uses more machine- and technology-based motifs in its designs.

The Chrysler building in New York is one of the most well-known examples of Art Deco-style architecture in the world.

Deco was one of the most exciting and influential styles of the 20th Century, and it is one that still influences design today. As a style, Art Deco is easily adapted to suit any interior. Contemporary re-imagining of furniture is still being designed, which proves the enduring allure of Deco’s inherently opulent and luxurious style.

Todays’ Art Deco and Art Nouveau style is modern and playful and an effective way to create with a hint of glamour that nods to the past without looking dated.

In this dining room, we see a Scandinavian-inspired muted colour palette, in an Art Deco style, embellished by artwork in similar tones, creating interest and dimension with a touch of ancient Greek decor.

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