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Creating Peace And Tranquility With Colour

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Japandi Interiors

In keeping with the minimalist Japandi interior design style, color trends are focused on peace and tranquility. And let’s face it, we can all do with a bit of that.

The beauty of earth tones, natural greens, ocean-inspired blues, and subtle neutrals are making headlines in these interiors as the Japandi colour palette references the sun’s effect penetrating the windows and warming the room.

The colour green is a good choice for creating a calm atmosphere in a space, as it is thought of as the most “restful” colour for the eye and a great colour to encourage the brain to relax. It’s the perfect combination of yellow’s cheerfulness and blue’s refreshing nature and works pretty much anywhere in the home.

For an inviting atmosphere, dark and warm colours can be used on the walls, especially in a larger than average room, as they tend to make the walls appear to advance, making the room feel cozy.

Painting a feature wall to highlight your favorite artwork is a creative way to make a decorative focal point, giving the space a new look and feel without going through the time, effort, and expense of redecorating the entire room.

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