Artist Statement

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Photography gives me the freedom to express my inner world in a way that makes it possible to share with you.

I strive to capture love, joy, peace and hope through these limited edition photographs because these are the true measure of wealth, and I am an eternal optimist.

All my limited edition photographs are based on thought and spiritual consciousness. I believe that maintaining your inner world is vital because when the time comes, and it will come, what you find within will determine how you move forward.

Art, and in my case photographic art, is essential because it reminds us that there is a bigger picture, that is, that it’s not just about you and me but us. And we must do what we can to make our mark (love, joy, peace, hope), however small, on the large canvas of life.

Life is a succession of journeys and lessons learned, and my sincere wish is that the artwork will touch your soul and inspire you.

– Kleoniki Vanos


Dr. Massimiliano Bisazza - Italy
Favourite Artwork: Body Without A Mind I & II
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I wanted to thank artist and photographer Niki Vanos of Cape Town, South Africa for the video credits (of my vernissage presentation) and not only published on her site in reference to the wonderful work done together during her exhibitions curated by me. Congratulations also to the growth in her career that led to her exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Her abstract photography shoots, with futuristic dimensions and cultural introspection are worthy of originality and tautological content.
Kirsté Carpenter - South Africa
On the Point Property Finance
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One of my favorite images by Kleoniki is “Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon”. It perfectly captures the transition between day and night. The colours are soft and delicate and I love how it is contrasted by the straight lines. Kleoniki is a versatile photographer with a special flair that shows in her work. Her attention to detail adds to this.
Brett Florens - Netherlands
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There are few unique artists around these days. It was so refreshing to see Niki’s incredible artwork. Personal, moving and venerable. Exceptional talent.
Leli Hoch - South Africa
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Kleoniki was part of the documentation team at Tankwa Artscape Residency 2019, in the Tankwa Karoo, a semi-desert in South Africa. The brief was to capture photographically and with video the processes of the artists creating in the desert as well as the finished artworks. Working in the desert is physically challenging - for both the artist and the photographer. Nothing was too challenging for Kleoniki. In her quiet and focused way she became a shadow for some artists capturing outstanding moments in the creative processes. And then she created her own artworks by taking extraordinary images of the finalised creations. I have rarely met a photographer with such passion and work ethic! Leli Hoch, organiser, Tankwa Artscape Residency
Mandy Carpenter - South Africa
Favourite Collection: Live and Prosper
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Niki is a delightful, inspiring, professional and truly gifted photographer. What strikes me the most is her talent to capture and paint with movement and light, as seen in my favourite collections “Live and Proper” and “Journey of Miracles”, where her passion and eye for details shine through. As a proud owner of two of her artwork I cannot recommend her enough.
Stephanie Vanos - Netherlands
Favourite Artwork: Of Nature And Man
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In all of Niki’s photos you can see that she is very passionate about photography. She is extremely creative and through her art she has a means to inspire and uplift others. This photograph makes me feel at peace and gives a sense of freedom. It also reminds me of all the beautiful sunsets in South Africa and is comforting to me when I miss home. Niki is very dedicated to her work and always does her best to make every photograph so magnificent.
Elsaine Costerus-Mohr - South Africa
Favourite Artwork: Photography in motion. Sunset on Strand Beach, Cape Town
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I fell involve with the “Hushed Whispers” image. We live in such a beautiful world, but our lives are so rushed that we do not stop to see the beauty around us. The world and our own bodies sometimes whispers for us to stop and just be, but we seldom ever listen. Your work is truly inspiring, something different and you always endeavour to grow in your creativity. You have such a passion for photography and your images are testimony thereof.
Cleo Valjeux - South Africa
Favourite Artwork: Logos, Ethos, Pathos, and Kairos.
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Kleoniki is a photographer who captures both reality and fiction in each photo she takes. The version we want to see and the version that remains untold. Whether it be a photo of a landscape, portrait or abstract she manages to bring something more to the final image than anyone could. For instance this image, "Logos, Ethos, Pathos, and Kairos”, is simplistic and beautiful but also tells a story of the ancient ruins of our society displayed in the muddy mess of the world today. A beautiful and elegant image that helps us connect to the world around us in ways we didn’t know possible.

Recent Work

Love Will Determine It All

Statement: And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Willi

A Heart And Breath

Statement: Creativity is not a solitary movement. That is its power. A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Woman Who Run With The Wolves.

Return To Love

Statement: "We are in each other’s lives in order to help us see where we most need healing, and in order to help us heal.” Marianne Williamson.

In The Presence Of Love

Statement: All the lost parts of yourself come together while you remain in the presence of love in your thoughts, heart, and actions.