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Scandinavian and Japanese Fusion

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This bedroom has a design aesthetic that nods to a Scandivanvian and Japanese fusion, namely Japandi.

Let me set the stage for you. The year was 2020, and the entire world had ground to a halt as everyone was confined indoors. It was then that I realized I had to find something to occupy my time, other than my love and passion for photography, so I decided to enroll in an interior design course.

Module 3’s Design Styles was my first introduction to the Japandi interior design aesthetic, and now I am a huge fan.

Overall both the Scandinavian and Japanese Zen styles tend to lean toward using layers of a neutral color palette for the most part. While Scandinavian style uses predominantly neutral and muted colours, Japanese Zen also utilizes darker and earthy colours. Most of these colors are rather muted and not overly saturated.

With Japandi, you will not find ornate, gaudy detailing. Instead, shapes and lines shine in these spaces with functional yet aesthetically pleasing furnishings and decor.

We decided to go with an abstract, monochromatic artwork for the feature wall in this bedroom because it complements the interior design aesthetic, adds warmth, and echoes the landscape.

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The artwork featured here ☞ Recalibration – Limited Edition of 7

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