Creation is a process we need to go through once in a while to check in and make sure that we are still on the right track and that there are no unresolved obstacles, ie. fears that are going to hinder us from evolving into the enlightened being we were created to be.

The first step is to allow light to come in and illuminate the stumbling block, so that we can look at it, feel it, and not fear it.

Next the wounds we inherited from our fears need to be gently cleansed. Bathed in love and compassion.

While cleansing takes place each aspect will be attended to both consciously and subconsciously, without any need of coercion. The subject has become the object and no longer part of who we are, while we continue living daily in abundance of thought, word, action, and deed.

At this point we look up at the stars and allow the realisation to sink in that we are made of the same stuff that stars are made of. Making peace with the fact that all things come to pass, all healing and restoration, at a favourable time, so that we can enjoy the beauty of life and our journey.

Now the waters have done their cleansing work and life begins to birth life into you and fills you with immense fecundity.

With this comes peace and a knowing that you are! And now you can enter into rest.

The creation process will begin again when the season is right, and this time you are excited because you know the feeling of elation that comes with knowing who you truly are.