Bending Light Exhibition

There are many approaches on the subject of “Bending Light”, which may present us with a challenge on our perception of ‘light’. It would thus be beneficial for us to take a closer look at its potential influence on our physical, psychical, philosophical, conscious, sub-conscious, and scientific being.

Beau Lotto, professor of neuroscience at the University College London, conducts experiments to demonstrate how humans perceive optical illusions. He says; “I can take a grey patch, and cause you to see any colour in it”.

Based on Prof. Lotto’s experiment, I would like to conduct one of my own, whereby one of my images will be set-up in a dark room. The room will be lit by LED lights, changing colour at set intervals. The colours will highlight different aspects of the image, which will give the viewer several different perspectives of the piece.
This is to motivate the effect that light has on our senses, and will hopefully move us toward considering the whole “reality” vs. “fantasy” question.