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A Heart And Breath

Statement: Creativity is not a solitary movement. That is its power. A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Woman Who Run With The Wolves. Description: During another load shedding outage in Cape Town, and with nothing else to do but sit in the dark on a Thursday night, I decided to go to the beach, camera in hand, to watch the Poi dancers paint with fire. Heading back home after an entertaining night, I knew that what I had captured would be another great art piece in my Good Hope collection.  I named this contemporary artwork 'A Heart and A Breath' because the way the person is painting with the light looks like an energy field around them. Consider that without that person, that particular light would not exist. Yours is a life of unique purpose, find it, cultivate it, and then paint the world with your colours.    

Be Afraid Not To Move

Statement: When we have some setbacks, it is important that we keep moving forward although challenging. The choice is the difference between growth and stagnation. Description: This figurative art piece was inspired by Franz Kline’s abstract expressionist style as well as Rorschach’s inkblots.  I named this contemporary artwork 'Be Afraid Not To Move' because it speaks to me of energy, and there is a lot of it in this piece. My question to us all is, what would our current movement project be if it could be measured? Would there be a dot, a dash, a leap, summersault, backward flip?  

Bend With The Wind

Statement: Life would be less painful when we cultivate an attitude of resilience and adaptability to harsh events and adversity in life. Description: This limited-edition photo was taken at the foot of the Acropolis. I titled this print 'Bend With The Wind' because, even though these trees have been exposed to the wind, they can stand and express their own story.    

Boxless Thinking

Statement: Neither trapped by the box (past) nor tethered to it. Tether points are like invisible strings that tie us to the past and keep us from functioning fully in the present or creating emotional space for new beginnings. Description: I named this One-Off digital artwork 'Boxless Thinking' because the Inkblots series is based on the idea of engaging with quantum emotions and thoughts. So rather than just going through the motions of daily life, you are free to be the co-creator of every moment.  

How To Bend and Not Break

Statement: Love bends, but it never breaks... whatsoever you do, do it in love. Description: I named this work of art How To Bend and Not Break because the green colours symbolise life, and the red symbolise love. And there is no life without love, for they are intertwined.


Statement: Society tends to dismiss play for adults. Play is perceived as unproductive, petty, or even a guilty pleasure. The notion is that once we reach adulthood, it's time to get serious. On the contrary, play brings joy and it is vital to problem-solving, creativity, and relationships. Description: The idea behind the digital art piece pertains to the arbitrary and self-perpetuating social conventions that stifle individual expression. There is a time and a place for decorum, but when it disregards independence of thought and expression, it becomes a violation of the individual moral conscience.

I Am What I See And You Are What You See

Statement: Not one person sees the world in exactly the same way. There are always differences of interpretation but does that necessarily make one person right and another wrong? Description: I named this one-off print ‘I Am What I See, and You Are What You See' because I asked many people what they saw in this image, and each one had a different reaction to the piece, so I decided that this would be the most appropriate title. My interpretation of this artwork is the effects of the Covid imposed isolation, and the inkblot figure seems to be running frantically away and toward it knows not what. Indicative of what we as a collective have experienced during this unprecedented atmosphere of uncertainty.

I Don’t Want to, Just Survive I Want to, Truly Live

Statement: When we become aware that we do not have forever on earth, we ignite an inner motivation to use our time more mindfully, more intentionally. Making daily decisions about whether we choose to engage with life and truly live or allow fear to keep us in survival mode will impact how we live. Description: I named this one-off print ‘I Don’t Want to, Just Survive I Want to, Truly Live’ because it represents a pair of lungs and, as we know, lungs perform a vital task in providing oxygen to the body to live. The condition of the natural extinction to which all mortality is subject requires us to accept that this function will cease to exist for all of us someday. Carpe diem!


Statement: Your future relies on your present actions and it is essential to continue to move forward. There will however be times when you will cast a momentary glance at the past, but remember not to stare, as its purpose should serve only as a reminder of how far you've come.  

It Takes Time

Statement: Enjoy today. Face your battles and fight the good fight. Travel to other worlds with no regret. With presence and gentleness drink from the fountain of life. Description: This limited edition photograph was taken around the fourth day of my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in June 2018. I elected to name the image 'It Takes Time' because it took time for this landscape to present itself to me at this particular moment.   

Let the Sun Shine In

Statement: It takes courage to open your heart, knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day. Description: This digital artwork was inspired while hiking in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. There had been a devastating wildfire seven months before, and though there were still remnants of the destruction, the fynbos was starting to thrive again. I named this limited edition print 'Let the Sun Shine In' because when the flower discovered its original beauty again, a ray of sunshine filtered through the brush and touched it with its golden light.   

Life After Death

Statement: When you thought it was all over, tempted to throw in the towel and sit down in a heap of ashes, out comes the sun and wipes your tears away. It's time to get up and try again. Description: I named this limited edition print ‘Life After Death' because there is no evidence whatsoever that indicates it had suffered a devastating wildfire seven months before.