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How To Bend and Not Break

Statement: Love bends, but it never breaks... whatsoever you do, do it in love. Description: I named this work of art How To Bend and Not Break because the green colours symbolise life, and the red symbolise love. And there is no life without love, for they are intertwined.

No Labels #322

Statement: May your plans for good be birthed in fertile soil, and may they multiply before your eyes and benefit many. Description: This artistic work is a portrait of a woman. She graciously allowed me to photograph her in her natural environment at home. The energy between us was spontaneous and creative, and I realised that I was in the company of someone with immense talent. At this particular juncture, she picked up a string of fairy lights and began to move to the rhythm of the music playing in the background.

On the Wings of an Angel

Statement: Any question you may have will lead you to the conclusion that love is always the answer. Love is the miracle that encompasses all we are. Description: