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Beauty in the Cracks

Statement: The Japanese philosophy on wabi-sabi, which is the beauty of things imperfect, has a place in our psychology. The relentless pursuit of perfection — in possessions, relationships, achievements – often fosters hasty judgments. This is where wabi-sabi invites a pause. It opens space for acceptance and forgiveness, for mindfulness, for seeing the beauty of things flawed, including ourselves and our fellow human beings.  


Statement: To achieve equilibrium, we must face the truth about our strengths and weaknesses. Honesty creates space for free flow between our mind and heart, and we become connected with our instincts.


Statement: Appearances can be deceiving and it is wise to spend time in contemplation in order for the situation to be revealed and understood.  

Horses of Fairies

Statement: Live life with no regrets, use every moment you have, and live as if there’s no tomorrow. Pay heed to your dreams and desires because your outlook on life influences your deepest thoughts.  

Liquid Love

Statement: When love is the motive behind every action, word, or deed, both the giver and receiver will experience feelings of love and happiness. The lyrics from Eden Ahbez's "Nature Boy" say it so beautifully; The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.  

Stop And Revise

Statement: It has been said: Round and round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows. Life is not a game of chance so dare to re-write the expression on your own terms! Let it be known from this day forth that infinity, plus you and me makes three and this probability makes us free!  

What Does God Look Like?

Statement: Every human being who has ever lived and will ever live is a facet of the Divine reflection thus, making us all equal, bearing God's image in a community of love.