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Bathed Abrasion

Statement: Personal growth is important because it makes us more flexible, more understanding, and better prepared for the future and it also enriches the lives of those around us. Whether abrasive or gentle, trust the cleansing process as well we know that where there is smoke there is fire, where there is fire there is light, where there is light there is an enlightenment of the soul. "The soul which cannot endure fire and smoke won't find the secret." Rumi

Horses of Fairies

Statement: Live life with no regrets, use every moment you have, and live as if there’s no tomorrow. Pay heed to your dreams and desires because your outlook on life influences your deepest thoughts.  


Description: Maximise your life potential, and don’t underestimate the power of maintaining your soul’s core, for it will influence the dynamics of your life.

On The Inside Looking Out

Statement: There are times when we have to step away from our thoughts and retreat to a quiet place where we are able to observe them objectively. There we can reflect on self, a stranger on the outside looking in. Upon further contemplation, we will find self on the inside looking out. Fears from the past can be dealt with, and fears for the future are merely false evidence appearing real, but what we do with the present is what matters most.

The Race

Description: In every effort of conscious and active participation in your life's journey - its highs and lows, deep breaths and silence, beautiful noise and screaming chaos - you can come to realise that the destination is not as important as the moments that lead you to it.  


Statement: The future is very different from the past and there is no need to repeat the same lessons. Daily we are presented with an opportunity to awaken and discover a sense of light in time as a sequence of events that make up happenings in our daily life and are continuous. Time, being infinite, makes for an ever-evolving journey of discovery and gives you wings.