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Unmasked III

Statement: The mask born out of pain is a heavy burden to carry, but can be removed through consciousness of the condition, and moment by moment inner truthfulness. "Unmasked III" formed part of my first solo exhibition, Metamorphosis, 17-30 July 2013, in Statuto13 Gallery, Milan.  

We Are Made Of Star Stuff


There is an inner voice in each of us who, when given leave to believe, will shout for joy at the realisation that the earth is truly a heavenly body, and that no matter what is happening to us we are really living right up among the stars.

"We are made of universal and divine ingredients, and the study of the stars will not let us escape a wholesome and final knowledge of the fact." Excerpts from astronomer, Carl Sagans', research.


Statement: The future is very different from the past and there is no need to repeat the same lessons. Daily we are presented with an opportunity to awaken and discover a sense of light in time as a sequence of events that make up happenings in our daily life and are continuous. Time, being infinite, makes for an ever-evolving journey of discovery and gives you wings.

Writing On The Wall

Statement: A busy mind drowns out the voice of the heart. Listen to the truth your heart speaks for therein lies the balance of the mind.On your heart is written every truth you will ever need to know, including the truth about who you are.