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All That Is

Statement: You are an infinite being! You are already everything and one with the ultimate potential, the source of life, and the consciousness from which all life sprung. "All That Is" formed part of my third solo exhibition, "Soul Food", 15-28 July '15, in Statuto13 Gallery, Milan, Italy.    


Statement: You have made it this far! Let it be decreed from this day forward that... You are a winner!

Magic Carpet Express I

Statement: Throw your arms wide open, hold on tight, & let life take you to a place where the birds sing of hope, the breeze speaks of courage & the sun shines with rays of love. "Magic Carpet Express I" formed part of my second solo exhibition, Fracture, in the Statuto13 Gallery, 9-22 July 2014,  Milan.

Projecting Delusion

Statement: "We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. " Joseph Campbell.  

Subconscious Healing – formerly known as “To Hamstring A Horse”

Statement: Some encounters with people can be awfully crippling, but the subconscious faithfully persists in healing and growing our hearts until we no longer have a victim, but a victor mentality. "Subconscious Healing" formed part of a collaborative exhibition with Lothar Böttcher at the NWU Botanical Garden Gallery.