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Being In The Moment

Statement: Take a moment to consider where you are, and then when you have honestly assessed the situation, begin the transformation to free yourself from the chains that would hold you back from enjoying each moment, moments never to be repeated and as precious as the morning sun.  


Statement: A womb is a place where rest, growth, and discovery happen and, periodically, it is necessary to return to the embryonic state. There we receive nourishment, strength, and provision for re-birth so that we can share and express the power of creation.  


Statement: One angel, armed with the power and glory of God, is stronger than an entire nation. They are assigned to keep all our bones, spirit, soul, and body, to strengthen, assist, and protect us.

Take A Deep Breath

Statement: Exercise your right to charter your course through life because if you don't know what you believe in, someone will come along and convince you to believe in their convictions. Consider these wise words by Aurelius, "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."  

Three People Painting the World

Statement: Done with the past and busy with the present while confident that the future is taken care of, knowing that when the old meets the new, there will be a link but no connection.