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No Labels #084

Statement: Edvard Munch feared inheriting a mental illness that ran in his family. Perhaps he discovered relief while he was painting, because in the creative process you can only be in the moment. Having the feeling of living in the moment is like walking in gold dust after having been in a dark, damp and lonely prison cell.

No Labels #086

Statement: Salvador Dalí and his contribution to the history of art is a perfect example for highlighting the fact that abnormality is not necessarily disagreeable – or to be so readily dismissed as a sign of neurological disease. For without his instability, Dalí may not have created the great art that he did.

No Labels #222

Statement: Francesco Goya's preoccupation with insanity and the treatment of the mentally ill was perhaps a reflection of his declining mental health and psychical state in his latter years. He captured the torments of the mind, yet the freedom of imagination in a way that speaks to us all.