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Angel of Love II

Statement: An angel whispered in my ear; “Have so much love in your thoughts, that fear may have no room to enter.” "Angel of Love II" formed part of the collaborative exhibition, Bending Light, with Lotahr Böttcher at the NWU Botanical Garden Gallery.

Deep Calls To Deep


Wondering around in mans' world can bring you to your knees.

In the dust is where you gain a new perspective on life.

Your choices at this point will determine whether you rise or remain fallen.

Inner Purpose Equals Less Ego

Statement: Time is inconsequential to the voluntary embrace of your awakening. The vertical connection is timeless and comes into this world through your thoughts, speech, actions, and creativity.

Subconscious Healing – formerly known as “To Hamstring A Horse”

Statement: Some encounters with people can be awfully crippling, but the subconscious faithfully persists in healing and growing our hearts until we no longer have a victim, but a victor mentality. "Subconscious Healing" formed part of a collaborative exhibition with Lothar Böttcher at the NWU Botanical Garden Gallery.