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Amorphous II

Statement: Life is not an amorphic state of being but rather an opportunity to purposefully and fearlessly love, dance, work, kiss, sing, talk, dream, grow… "Amorphous II" formed part of my 2nd solo exhibition, Fracture, 9-22 July 2014, in Statuto13 Gallery, Milan, Italy.  

From Here To There

Statement: Courage is not the absence of fear but simply moving on with dignity despite fear.

Magic Carpet Express I

Statement: Throw your arms wide open, hold on tight, & let life take you to a place where the birds sing of hope, the breeze speaks of courage & the sun shines with rays of love. "Magic Carpet Express I" formed part of my second solo exhibition, Fracture, in the Statuto13 Gallery, 9-22 July 2014,  Milan.