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Giving Joy

Statement: No flower can lift someone’s spirits quite like sunflowers. They are bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun.


Statement: Joy, wonder, discovery and adventure in life are experienced when we are open and receptive to our earth and soul journey.

Painting With the Moon

Statement: Life starts with a seed, a thought, a word, that is, what you plant you will harvest. May your seeds be filled with κέφι: A burning passion and enthusiasm for life characterised by joy, zest, and exuberance.


Statement: We can experience miraculous transformation when we give our inner seed the soil, nourishment, and sunshine to become what we know we should be.

Shadows and Sunshine

Statement: Beauty is found in the symmetry of resplendent light and eclipsed darkness, for without pain we cannot know joy, without fear we cannot know love, and without grace we cannot know forgiveness.

Shimmering Orb

Statement: The sheer joyousness bubbles represent floating in the air, reflecting unseen rainbows. The humble soap bubble - that fragile skin which is both beautiful and slippery is a reminder to enjoy the moment, because just like a bubble, it is transient.

Spirit of Ecstasy

Statement: You can rest in the joyful excitement and confidence of the guarantee that you will live and prosper in your destiny.   "Spirit of Ecstasy" formed part of the collaborative exhibition, Bending Light, with Lothar Böttcher at the NWU Botanical Garden Gallery.  

The Blueprint of Our Reality

Statement: Offer positive speech and thoughts to yourself  and the world, and the air around you will become so charged with positive energy that it will affect your entire being.

Turn to Happiness II

Statement: There is a rhythm to life that no one can refute, i.e. the cycles of change. Some we like and some we would rather do without, but they are ALL necessary to maintain a balance of truth, self expression, intelligence through learning, and spiritual perspective.


Statement: When soul and spirit connect there is a direct knowing of God – there is awareness of unlimited potential. Soul connection allows you to step away from what no longer serves you and opens you up to a life of joy, abundance and purpose.  

You Are Greatly Loved And Dearly Prized

Statement: Open your heart to the true miracle of love which values you above all else, welcomes you as you are, and gathers you into loving arms where you are safe and sound.

Your Blood Is Teaming With Life

Statement: You were born to live life in abundance, so step out of the prison of fear and surrender to the river of life. Let it flow through you, under you, and surge through you, for life can only be lived through growing and becoming all that you truly are.