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Girl Interrupted III

Statement: Fear interrupts your journey, so showing up for all your emotional experiences is a very brave thing to do and absolutely essential to a healthy journey.

Paradise and Freedom

Statement: I will plant flowers of freedom with steely determination, resilience, and hope that my dreams may be kept alive. See how my garden grows.

Radical Self-Expression

Statement: When you pass by a stranger and you have the inclination to give them a smile or a friendly hallo or hold the door for them, I hope that you do, because you just made their day a little brighter.

Spirit of Ecstasy

Statement: You can rest in the joyful excitement and confidence of the guarantee that you will live and prosper in your destiny.   "Spirit of Ecstasy" formed part of the collaborative exhibition, Bending Light, with Lothar Böttcher at the NWU Botanical Garden Gallery.  

The Limitless Ability of the Mind to Heal Itself from Trauma I

Statement: Studies have shown that trauma changes the wiring of the brain. Awareness of the damage that trauma causes will help you realise that you're not irreversibly damaged. And just as your brain changed in response to your past experiences with the world, it can also change in response to your future experiences, ie. the brain is malleable. A steady dedication to the rewiring of the brain takes effort, repetition, and time.

Time Symmetry

Statement: May a beautiful future reach back and create a wonderful present.