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Deep Loving

Statement: Be brave, be strong, for communicating from the intimacy of the heart means being seen and heard from our soul-filled essence and heart's love.


Statement: A womb is a place where rest, growth, and discovery happen and, periodically, it is necessary to return to the embryonic state. There we receive nourishment, strength, and provision for re-birth so that we can share and express the power of creation.  


Statement: The healing and cleansing effects of water on our body and our soul serve as a detoxification process that liberates us from hopelessness, that is, that nothing we do matters. Never give up for every step you take brings you closer to the fulness of your destiny.


Statement: One angel, armed with the power and glory of God, is stronger than an entire nation. They are assigned to keep all our bones, spirit, soul, and body, to strengthen, assist, and protect us.


Statement: Looking through the lens of love, you will see the naked beauty of creation displayed. That there will come a time when you will be no more, there is no doubt, but until then, follow your heart and live!    

Stop And Revise

Statement: It has been said: Round and round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows. Life is not a game of chance so dare to re-write the expression on your own terms! Let it be known from this day forth that infinity, plus you and me makes three and this probability makes us free!  

Universal Loving Kindness

Statement: Loving yourself is the kindest thing you can do for your fellow man. I think this is what Aristotle meant when he said that all friendly feelings for others are an extension of a man’s feelings for himself.    

Who Goes There?

Statement: In the process of getting to know yourself the shroud that covers the infinite mystery of being is lifted, and the great reveal promises to be pure and true.