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Abundant Life II

Statement: When creation presents a plethora of multitudinous hues of green, we instinctually experience increased emotions and thoughts of optimism and hope. It is a gentle reminder that sorrow lasts only for a night and joy comes in the morning.  


Statement: This is not a judgment, it is a statement based on personal experience. The finger pointers (in truth, we are all guilty of this) most often wish they could have more freedom of thought, but fear the change to the great ocean of truth. However, changed behavior corrects the assault on another's right to freedom.

Bend With The Wind

Statement: Life would be less painful when we cultivate an attitude of resilience and adaptability to harsh events and adversity in life. Description: This limited-edition photo was taken at the foot of the Acropolis. I titled this print 'Bend With The Wind' because, even though these trees have been exposed to the wind, they can stand and express their own story.    

Carved From The Inside

Statement: Everything you need to be happy and beautiful is already inside you. Description: I named this limited edition print "Carved From The Inside" because the term beauty does not only apply to the physical features but also to the personality. The term beautiful inside and out comes to mind.  


Statement: Your nagging desires are calling you to a journey of personal discovery.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Statement: It is good to be curious. To be an active participant in finding answers to questions. Even though the outcome is unknown, the act of searching will bring us closer to the answers we seek. Description: I named this abstract artwork 'Down The Rabbit Hole' because the image is indicative of a wormhole which theoretically is a passage through space-time.


Statement: Realising your dreams can be as difficult or as easy as you make it out to be. You are faced with one of two choices when your dream is challenged or questioned... Agree and discard it because it's just a dream, or disagree and nurture it because you can't imagine your life without it.


Statement: Society tends to dismiss play for adults. Play is perceived as unproductive, petty, or even a guilty pleasure. The notion is that once we reach adulthood, it's time to get serious. On the contrary, play brings joy and it is vital to problem-solving, creativity, and relationships. Description: The idea behind the digital art piece pertains to the arbitrary and self-perpetuating social conventions that stifle individual expression. There is a time and a place for decorum, but when it disregards independence of thought and expression, it becomes a violation of the individual moral conscience.

Hushed Whispers

Statement: Hushed whispers in the sunset warm my soul and quiet my cares. Description: I took this photo at the day's end on a beach. An interesting fact about sunsets is that they have positive spiritual and psychological effects on our psyche. This digital artwork is aptly titled "Hushed Whispers" because it echoes the tranquility of the landscape.


Statement: Your future relies on your present actions and it is essential to continue to move forward. There will however be times when you will cast a momentary glance at the past, but remember not to stare, as its purpose should serve only as a reminder of how far you've come.  

It Takes Time

Statement: Enjoy today. Face your battles and fight the good fight. Travel to other worlds with no regret. With presence and gentleness drink from the fountain of life. Description: This limited edition photograph was taken around the fourth day of my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in June 2018. I elected to name the image 'It Takes Time' because it took time for this landscape to present itself to me at this particular moment.   

Law of Attraction

Statement: Love opens you to the world which allows you to bring joy, energy, and happiness into your life. Love is heaven on earth. Description: I named this artwork 'Law Of Attraction' because its simplicity echoes peace. And a mind at ease is open to many good things. The composition has a duel effect. On the one hand, calming because there are few elements to distract, and at the same time, the orange hues are symbolic of abundance, love, happiness, and the sun.