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Anticipatory II

Statement: While we are working on embracing our flaws and imperfections we can celebrate the fact that we are becoming stronger and more beautiful. Look at and anticipate the emancipated proclamation of freedom from the fear of fracture.

Beauty in the Cracks

Statement: The Japanese philosophy on wabi-sabi, which is the beauty of things imperfect, has a place in our psychology. The relentless pursuit of perfection — in possessions, relationships, achievements – often fosters hasty judgments. This is where wabi-sabi invites a pause. It opens space for acceptance and forgiveness, for mindfulness, for seeing the beauty of things flawed, including ourselves and our fellow human beings.  

Behold The New I

Statement: In order not to earnestly remember the former things, nor consider the things of old, you are required to take action by moving forward, which means stepping away from where you are, leaving the past in the past, remaining in the present, and moving toward your future.

Bird of Paradise

Statement: Stay open to new possibilities and seek your freedom wherever you can find it. Be brave, despite fear, and explore the world with a sense of optimism and excitement.

Dance of Life

Statement: Take a moment to look around you. What do you see? If you had not stopped to consider, you would have missed the miracle. The definition of poetry in motion: express your unique interpretation of life or, it will never exist.  

Dive Into

Statement: Every day we have on this planet is a gift, so let us use the time to love, encourage, build, and grow ourselves and others, leaving the world a better place than we found it. I love this quote by Kahlil Gibran; Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it, take with you your all.


Statement: Entering into the present, withstanding fear of the unknown, opens us to dimensions we have never seen before, and we are intrigued by the moment, depending on the elegance of the mind and present consciousness, and view and review the present in an endless array of variations.

Forgiveness Is A Given

Statement: It is the nature of human beings to make mistakes because we are not perfect however, if we refuse to forgive the wrongs done to us, we will become prisoners of our own making. To quote the infamous line from Alexander Pope's poem, to err is human, to forgive divine.


Statement: Part of the journey to freedom is letting go of the belief that you can save the world on your own. It is more beneficial to believe that angels are ready to serve, strengthen, and bring the promises of God to earth.  

High – Deep – Wide I

Statement: There is no need to fear surrender, for love is higher, deeper, wider, and ever-present in the consequences of your choices, whether good or bad. The gift of life is to teach, protect, nurture, incubate purpose, and turn ashes into beauty.


Statement: The moral of the myth of Icarus warns against the needless search for instant satisfaction, in a way underlying the idea of sophrosyne. In Greek, σωφροσύνη is a term that stands for healthy-mindedness, implying self-control guided by knowledge and balance.

Life Experience

Statement: Making mistakes is not a crime it is not even a failure the only failure is failing to go after your dream. Be courageous and go after your treasure with all your heart, for it is what you need to do to transform existence into a personal legend.