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Being In The Moment

Statement: Take a moment to consider where you are, and then when you have honestly assessed the situation, begin the transformation to free yourself from the chains that would hold you back from enjoying each moment, moments never to be repeated and as precious as the morning sun.  

I’m Alive

Statement: A tree in winter is transformed and laid bare by unstoppable changes. At that time, there is no hiding its imperfections from all who look upon it, but the tree is not ashamed of its translucence, for it knows full well of the transformation and beauty taking place within, soon to reveal on the outside.

Unutterable Joy

Statement: Freedom requires determination so, push and scream and do whatever it takes until you breakthrough. What you will find will be well worth your efforts. Then you will not be able to contain your joy because you will realise that you are well on your way to freedom.

What Does God Look Like?

Statement: Every human being who has ever lived and will ever live is a facet of the Divine reflection thus, making us all equal, bearing God's image in a community of love.