Soul Food Series


When you feed your soul, you can feed the world.

This series focused on texture, reflection, and water. 

Texture represents the physical world that you experience through your six senses. Reflection embodies the fundamental importance of introspection to maintain a level of honesty in your interaction with the world and life. Water symbolizes a cleansing, healing, and life-giving process.

These are required to work in harmony so that the soul’s guide may lead unselfishly, restoring the planet to sustain its most important inhabitants, to create abundance, eradicate hunger and thirst in all of the creations’ spirit, soul, mind, and body.

My Soul Food exhibition ran concurrently with the EXPO Milan 2015, which was focused on global food and nutrition.

The inception of this series commenced in January 2014 and continued on through till April 2015.

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All That Is

Statement: You are an infinite being! You are already everything and one with the ultimate potential, the source of life, and the consciousness from which all life sprung. "All That Is" formed part of my third solo exhibition, "Soul Food", 15-28 July '15, in Statuto13 Gallery, Milan, Italy.    

Always Dream, Even When Awake

Statement: Be strong, flexible, and an active participant in your own life, so that you may experience life with richness of actions.

Atoms of Peace

Statement: The state of peace requires active, conscious participation in the present moment, and a single conscious breath can mean the difference between love or hate.


Statement: Everything done in love is blessed without bounds, according to the natural laws of creation.

Deep Loving

Statement: Be brave, be strong, for communicating from the intimacy of the heart means being seen and heard from our soul-filled essence and heart's love.

Eternal Inexhaustible Source

Statement: "And the disciple sits by the side of the Master slowly slowly partaking of his joy, of his being, eating and drinking out of that eternal, inexhaustible source. And one day... and one cannot predict when that day will come, it is unpredictable. One day suddenly it has happened: a process has started in you which reveals the truth of your being to you. You come face to face with yourself." Excerpt from, The Man Who Loved Seagulls, by Osho.

Evolutionary Awareness

Statement: Cultivating wisdom and intellect deepens the desire of your sensory relationship with life.

Forgiveness Is A Given

Statement: It is the nature of human beings to make mistakes because we are not perfect however, if we refuse to forgive the wrongs done to us, we will become prisoners of our own making. To quote the infamous line from Alexander Pope's poem, to err is human, to forgive divine.


Statement: Joy, wonder, discovery and adventure in life are experienced when we are open and receptive to our earth and soul journey.

Intellectualizing the Soul

Statement: “Reason” or “science” cannot supersede the legitimate expression of the fundamental movements of the soul.

Joyful Energy

Statement: The power of intention is an invisible field of energy that carries you, and is determined by the quality of your thought life.

Life Satisfaction

Statement: Adjusting thought patterns means purifying the belief that past failures and disappointments determine your value. This conscious shift is an outward expression of your inner worth.