The healing power of landscapes

These artistic visual feasts are created from an urban perspective. Since a majority of the earth’s population lives in metropolitan areas, we cannot step out for 20 minutes to feel connected to nature and clear our thoughts. Hence the need for creating artworks to bring the landscape to us.

A recent study was conducted on the effects of mother nature, by Alice Chirico of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano in Italy and colleagues. And they concluded that both nature and art are effective elicitors at evoking the experience of the sublime.

Life can get pretty intense at times, and when this overwhelming feeling comes over me, all I have to do is look up to gaze at my beautiful mountain. And I am reminded that all is harmony, all is transitory, all is made beautiful in time, and all will make sense soon enough. Just as it is when the harsh winter months turn into spring, revealing a kaleidoscopic effusion of colour and new life.

No matter where I find myself on the globe, I get a sense of “her” eyes following me, calling my attention to marvel at her unparalleled beauty.

Psychologists often equate the sublime to awe, and to study it, many have used pictures or videos of natural scenes to induce the sublime in study participants.

To read more about the studies conducted based on the premise that art and nature elicit an equally intense sense of the sublime click here ☞

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Abundant Life I

Statement: When creation presents a plethora of multitudinous hues of green we instinctually experience increased emotions and thoughts of optimism and hope. It is a gentle reminder that sorrow lasts only for a night and joy comes in the morning.

Abundant Life II

Statement: When creation presents a plethora of multitudinous hues of green, we instinctually experience increased emotions and thoughts of optimism and hope. It is a gentle reminder that sorrow lasts only for a night and joy comes in the morning.  

Bend With The Wind

Statement: Life would be less painful when we cultivate an attitude of resilience and adaptability to harsh events and adversity in life. Description: This limited-edition photo was taken at the foot of the Acropolis. I titled this print 'Bend With The Wind' because, even though these trees have been exposed to the wind, they can stand and express their own story.    

Echoes of Memories

Statement: Now cannot be recreated for change is our constant companion, and it would benefit us greatly to embrace every moment before it makes way for a new one. Make your moments count because you will only be left with memories.

Free to Choose

Statement: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle.

Hushed Whispers

Statement: Hushed whispers in the sunset warm my soul and quiet my cares. Description: I took this photo at the day's end on a beach. An interesting fact about sunsets is that they have positive spiritual and psychological effects on our psyche. This digital artwork is aptly titled "Hushed Whispers" because it echoes the tranquility of the landscape.


Statement: Your future relies on your present actions and it is essential to continue to move forward. There will however be times when you will cast a momentary glance at the past, but remember not to stare, as its purpose should serve only as a reminder of how far you've come.  


Statement: There has been no real urgency in the past to understand the psychological implications and affects of social distancing, but due to international responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, researches are fast discovering the necessity to study how individuals are managing and the psychological impact of complex interconnection.

It Takes Time

Statement: Enjoy today. Face your battles and fight the good fight. Travel to other worlds with no regret. With presence and gentleness drink from the fountain of life. Description: This limited edition photograph was taken around the fourth day of my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in June 2018. I elected to name the image 'It Takes Time' because it took time for this landscape to present itself to me at this particular moment.   

Kindness Toward Others

Statement: The ancient Greeks saw kindness through the lens of reason, emphasising the positive effects acts of kindness have, not just on the receiver of kindness but to the giver of kindness as well, not for the salvation of the soul in the afterlife, but in this life.

Let the Sun Shine In

Statement: It takes courage to open your heart, knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day. Description: This digital artwork was inspired while hiking in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. There had been a devastating wildfire seven months before, and though there were still remnants of the destruction, the fynbos was starting to thrive again. I named this limited edition print 'Let the Sun Shine In' because when the flower discovered its original beauty again, a ray of sunshine filtered through the brush and touched it with its golden light.   

Life After Death

Statement: When you thought it was all over, tempted to throw in the towel and sit down in a heap of ashes, out comes the sun and wipes your tears away. It's time to get up and try again. Description: I named this limited edition print ‘Life After Death' because there is no evidence whatsoever that indicates it had suffered a devastating wildfire seven months before.