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Break Through the Vale of Tears

Statement: The time has come for you to find freedom in joy. Meditate on this; Joy is your strength, the reason for sorrow is being taken away, and things are turning around.

I Don’t Want to, Just Survive I Want to, Truly Live

Statement: When we become aware that we do not have forever on earth, we ignite an inner motivation to use our time more mindfully, more intentionally. Making daily decisions about whether we choose to engage with life and truly live or allow fear to keep us in survival mode will impact how we live.

Return To Love

Statement: "We are in each other’s lives in order to help us see where we most need healing, and in order to help us heal.” Marianne Williamson.

The Fullness of Joy

Statement: The benefits of weaving joy into your tapestry of life; Consider carefully the thoughts you use to weave your tapestry because when your mind is morbid it is predisposed to misery and must be counterbalanced with joy.