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Corporate Art

How would you like to reduce stress at the office, increase creativity and productivity, enhance employee morale, broaden appreciation of diversity, and encourage open dialogue? Art in the workplace promotes all these fundamental needs — and even more — for any successful business.

The impact of art in the workplace is often underestimated. Splashes of colour in a painting can alter the mood of a boardroom. It also transforms business spaces into innovative and engaging places where clients and employees can interact.​​

Although art in the workplace is a common sight today, sometimes the quality is sacrificed for quantity. Often the decision to place art in the workplace is purely a decorative one and not an integral part of the design and construction process of the facility. That is why companies would benefit from hiring professional art consultants and established artists to design their art collections and layout to match the company’s strategic mission.

I encourage you to experience the transformation of your corporate culture by inviting art and the artist into your workplace. When done with thoughtful and expert strategic planning, your employees will thank you for their productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. And your clients and the public will thank you for their loyal patronage.

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